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Coral Tree

Quirky Soy Wax Aroma Candle

Quirky Soy Wax Aroma Candle

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That's what cheese said!

After a long day, there is nothing like coming back home and relaxing by lighting up your favourite fragrance and listing to your favourite song. Presenting the Fruity Scented Candles that come in a set of three in the shapes of a lemon, an orange and a piece of cheese! These will definitely leave you craving for delightful cheese. Get the candles for yourself or for a loved one, they will definitely think about you every time they use it.

  • Delicious shapes of lemon, orange and cheese!
  • Set of 3
  • Set the mood right!
  • A great gift for a loved one
  • Natural soy wax

Package Includes:
1 x Fruity Scented Candles - Set of 3

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