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Quantum Touch Sensitive Light, Modular Bedside Lamp (White)

Quantum Touch Sensitive Light, Modular Bedside Lamp (White)

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Quantum Touch Sensitive Light

Best suited for bright rooms, such as office, workshop, kitchen.

Get the warmth of these Hexagon Touch Wall Light .. 

  • 1. This is a modular touch wall lamp. Use a hexagonal disk to create any structure that suits your needs, then open it and close it when touched.
  • 2. The product consists of a series of plastic hexagons, which can be connected with magnets and interlocking patterns to form a touch screen wall lamp. Magnets that make up the physical connections between components also allow current to flow from one component to another.
  • 3. With the product's power supply, each component is turned on and off through a capacitive touch sensor. 
  • 4. The combination of modularization and lighting control is equivalent to a product that users can fully customize. The product offers opportunities for each environment-specific lighting solution.

Type: Night Light 
Material: ABS 
Color: White
Power: 2W 
Power: 110V-240V 
Installation Method: Hanging/Double Tape 
Light Source: LED 
Size: 11.5*10.0*1.8cm/4.5*3.9*0.7” (L*W*H) 
Luminous Flux;- 140 Lumen

Packing :- 5 Module Lights + 5 Stick pads + 1 Adopter and 1 Manual 

NOTE: These lights Comes with 1 Year Replacement Warranty  



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