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Nordic Astronaut Figurines for Home Decoration

Nordic Astronaut Figurines for Home Decoration

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The most adorable Space Man is here to take you on an adventure! This little man has come all the way from the moon to serve your jewels in style! He would hold on to the jewels and such you take off at the end of the day and keep em ready first thing in the morning for you. He has other talents too, you know. You could keep him in the center of your living room as a decorative tray as well. His rising hand keeps the golden plate on his hand intact and still with the double sided tape it comes with. Gift it to a fashion enthusiast friend on their birthday or it could make an awesome housewarming gift as well

  • Space Man with Decorative Tray
  • Hand-painted
  • Keep your makeup in reach
  • Keep your jewels displayed in the most stylish way
  • Display your precious cosmetics in style
  • Multiple variants available
  • Comes with double sided tape to fix the plate onto the Space Man's hand
  • The ultimate gift for a space enthusiast
  • Material: Resin and Metal
  • Dimensions: 16 x 23 cm, Diameter of the Tray- 17 cm
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