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Coral Tree

Handmade Silver Urli (Set Of 2)

Handmade Silver Urli (Set Of 2)

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Enjoying your calming gracious feelings for the special evenings with a set of two silver rules is perfect. The delicate intricacies carved on it give a magnificent look while kept on the surface of the glass. 

  • The set of two silver rules is one of the best gifts to impart to your loved ones and families.
  • It is carved and crafted using a precious silver metal having long-lasting durability.
  • You can place the candles, Diyas, and lights, and embellish them with flowers, beads, and all other favourite things and objects.
  • For all festive occasions and special days, this set of two silver rules is used. 
  • The size of the urlis is moderate and light in weight to carry.
  • No special cleansing ways or techniques are required for the urlis.
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