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Coral Tree

Gift box cage "Jungle"

Gift box cage "Jungle"

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The Coral Tree "Perfume Cage " gift set comes in a range of pleasant scents to adapt the ambience of your home to your mood.

A complete gift set
This gift set contains a scented candle* and the "Lola" fragrance diffuser with its glass bottle, chromed metal stopper and wooden sticks guaranteeing excellent dispersion. With a capacity of 100 ml, it guarantees several weeks of fragrance.

The Diffusor Comes in Metal Cage- Looks elegant and serve as a decor product to be kept on the corner 

The product Description :-
Burning time :Candle 12 h - Diffuser 8 weeks
Content :Candle 0.09 kg - Diffuser 150 ml
Product fragrance :Exotic Vanilla: Green cage Wild Orchid: Black cage
Container material :Glass
Fragrance materials :Fragrance oil
Weight :0.715 kg
The Cage Contains:-
Number of sticks :6
Candle With 100 Gm Soy Aroma Wax-
Aroma Diffuser - 150 Ml 

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