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Round Decorative Tray with Handles

Round Decorative Tray with Handles

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Round Decorative Tray, Plastic Tray with Handles, Modern Vanity Tray and Serving Tray for Ottoman, Coffee Table, Kitchen and Bathroom

Material: PS plastic

Size: 29.5x27x4cm/11.6"x10.6"x1.6"

  • Plastic material, thick design, durable and more resistant to falling, delicate and smooth feel, light luxury style tray, not only has the appearance but also the practical way.
  • The striped design of the classic aesthetic, full of artistic atmosphere, the disc surface is concave and convex, and it reflects a different beauty in the light.
  • Golden handle, round and smooth edge, large finger reserved space, easy to pick up and pick up.
  • Flat bottom, placed more securely, effectively prevent slippage, moisture-proof and waterproof, versatile single product.
  • One thing is multi-purpose, to meet a variety of needs, can be used as a food tray, can also store daily small things, cosmetics, etc.
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