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Coral Tree

Black Candle Holder

Black Candle Holder

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Sea-saw candle holder !

The delightful votive tealight candle holder which gives us a nostalgia of kindergarten sea-saw shape is dazzling. Truly it enhances your gratitude towards someone who would be childlike and pretty much to bestow. The candle holder is one of a kind to give on a festive day and also on gala occasions. This beautiful piece of art leaves a lasting impression on your friends and relatives. You give it to them! Spread smiles and grab yours at the earliest! 

  • Eye-candy for everyone around.
  • Delicate yet having great strength.
  • A unique art piece for your chosen corners & tripods.
  • Composition: METAL and GLASS
Size of the Candle Holder: Length: 14cm Width: 17.5cm, Height 14.5cm

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